Support The Festival

Thanks to a successful Crowdfunder as part of the 2023 Creative Scotland Crowdmatch competition our Late Night Jam Sessions will run from 11pm-3am over the 5 nights of our festival.

They are free to attend and have seen some legendary performances throughout our history with acts across the programme often participating after their main shows. In recent years they have attracted young and diverse audiences which often reach capacity. Featuring a House Band each night, they provide work for local musicians and create a space where they can improvise and collaborate with other artists.

Thank You!

Huge thanks to everyone who supported our campaign including: Alison Mussett, abonnyman23, Carron McDiarmid, Fiona Shepherd, Robert Kennedy, Alison Stroak, James Millar, Richard Muir, John Boggie, Iain Maclean, Peter Welsh, Sharon Stewart, Catriona, Alexander Craig Muir, Marianne Ramsay, Stewart Hall, Neil Fraser, Luke Barker, Mary Heavenor, Tommy Gorman, Fiona Mcouat, Richeal Reader, Adrienne Aboyoun, Seona Reid, Ailsa McCreary, Iain Copeland, Paul Towndrow, Allan Mckeown, Derek Mitchell, Angela Slaven, martin72, ESP Music Rentals, Jane McNish, Ruth Anderson, Iain MacMillan, Stuart Hashagen, Mollie Hinshelwood, Martin MacLeod, Giulia Canu, George Falconer, Caroline Welsh, Fiona Carolyn Mactaggart, L Wright, David Bowden, Les Graham, Scott Munro, Seonaid Aitken, Paula Gourlay, Louise Murphy, Iain Welsh, Meg Bell, YvesM, Martin Sangster, Neil Murray, David Taylor, Keir Long, Christopher Queen, Gayle Green, Steve Carter, Claire Squires, Jane Robertson, Keith Moore, Heather Davies, Nancy Lippold-Ingram, Helen Louise Bell, David Muir, Claire Bereziat, Iris Harley and many more!